Super Mario Run 3

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A new Mario game to master with one hand! In this game, Mario is constantly moving forward and you just need to touch the screen to control it. Act at the right time to jump in style, perform aerial spins or wall jumps, collect coins and reach the finish! Super Mario Run is free to download, and once you purchase the full game you can access all of the game modes. No additional payment will be required. Before purchasing the game, you can try out each of the four modes for free: Around the Worlds, Toad Challenges, Remix 10, and the Realm Editor. ■ Around the worlds Run and jump in style to save Princess Peach from Bowser's clutches! Cross plains, explore dungeons, haunted mansions, flying fortresses, castles, and more. Complete all 24 stages to reach Bowser's Castle and rescue Princess Peach. Additional challenges await you as well, such as finding all the colored pieces (there are three different colors) or competing against your friends to try to get the highest score. Worlds 1-1 through 1-4 are available for free. Rescuing Princess Peach unlocks access to the Star World, a special world with nine stages. ■ Remix 10 The shortest stages in the history of Mario games! Small bites to be enjoyed without restraint. Go through areas containing 10 randomly chosen extracts from the workshops and try to find Daisy who got lost on the map. You will surely have to multiply your attempts to achieve this! ■ Toad challenges Show your style, play against your friends and challenge players from all over the world! In this competitive game mode, a different challenge awaits you with each game. Compare your style with that of other players, collect coins and impress the Toads for the highest score. Always using your style, fill the gauge with crazy coins. Once this gauge is full, the coin bonuses are yours! If you win the challenge, the Toads who encourage you will settle in your kingdom, which can thrive! ■ Realm editor Collect coins and impress Toads to build your own kingdom. Place various buildings and ornaments in your kingdom to personalize it. Over 100 different items are waiting for you in the Realm Editor! The more Toads you recruit in Toad challenges, the more items you will have at your disposal. With the support of the Toads, your kingdom will grow little by little! ■ Content available after purchasing worlds ・ All round the world stages Will you be able to triumph over the toughest events? ・ Easier to obtain Toad Challenge Tickets It's easier to get Toad Challenge Tickets used in Remix 10 Mode and Toad Challenges. These tickets can be obtained through the kingdom editor in bonus game houses and blocks ?, or during the world tour, among others. ・ Additional playable characters If you save Peach at the end of world 6-4 or if you place the houses of Luigi, Yoshi or Toadette in your realm, the corresponding characters will join you, and you can play them. They don't have the same abilities as Mario, so feel free to put their unique talents to good use in Around the Worlds and Toad challenges! ・ More stages in Toad challenges The Toad challenges will gain in depth: seven different types of challenges will be offered to you. In the new challenges, you will be able to recruit yellow Toads and purple Toads in particular.

A new Mario game to master with one hand In this game Mario is constantly moving forward and you just need to touch the screen to control it Act at the right time to jump in style perform aerial spins or wall jumps collect coins and reach the fini



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